Extremely Rare Black Black Flamingo Captured On Camera In Cyprus

A flamingo in black? Some people may think that this kind of ultra-rare animal just appears in fairy tale books and Disney cartoon movies. But it was actually spotted, guys.
Very rare black flamingo
An extremely rare black flamingo was captured on camera in a salt lake at the Akrotiri Environmental Centre on the southern coast of Cyprus.
Very rare black flamingo
Unlike its pink fellows, this flamingo is in black, making it stand out from the crowd.
There is an explanation for its black plumage. The bird inherits a genetic condition called melanism. This makes its body generate more of the pigment melanin, turning it dark rather than the usual pink color.
Very rare black flamingo
Melanism can be found in hawks and ducks, but incredibly rare in flamingo.
You can watch the video of the striking flamingo below.
As you may know, dark feathers help birds a lot in hiding in nature, away from predators. But this doesn't happen with this melanistic flamingo. The excessive pigment causes its feathers to become brittle and breakable.
Very rare black flamingo
There is another concern for the flamingo's black plumage. Black feathers make it hard to attract mates during the breeding season.
The reason is understandable. Black is rare in flamingo's colony.
Very rare black flamingo
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H/T: National Geographic
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